Company KOMFORTHOLOD is ready to provide the customer with the best technical solution for the supply of refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, fluid cooling systems , software for process control, in accordance to the latest market trends.
With extensive experience in design, installation and commissioning of cooling systems, ventilation, etc., we can create custom systems for a specific object and needs to suit just you.
Fully taking into account the wishes and possibilities of the customer.


From the outset of the project and at all subsequent stages, we work closely with the customer. Very often, refrigeration equipment designed for individual customer's requirements, because all projects are unique - for every customer we are developing a completely new technical solutions.
For us, there is virtually no unrealistic specifications - our specialists will always try to find the correct and profitable solution for you technical and technological issues.
We are always ready to offer a solution of non-standard tasks automation, refrigeration, process cooling, aspiration, etc.
Our company is doing individual work and complex projects on a turnkey basis.
Company KOMFORTHOLOD provides customers with the widest range of services, ranging from repair work and ending with the modernization of existing equipment to increase its productivity.
Upgrading of the equipment allows you to achieve a significant effect: the extension of equipment life, increase the cooling capacity, energy efficiency, noise reduction and many other features.
In addition, we offer our clients a full range of services, including regular testing, inspection and maintenance.
We always honor their contractual obligations.