Our team is executed maintenance, repair, installation, selection, commissioning, programming of full range refrigeration equipment: air conditioning, quick-freezing and ventilation equipment, cooling fluid, beverage coolers, and many others.
We perform surveys and energy audits of existing refrigeration and processing plants.
We are ready to provide expert help to refine, improve and upgrade already installed on production equipment or to offer a wide range of ours.

We provide our customers:

• equipping of refrigeration equipment on a turnkey basis,
• assembly of equipment in his shop from imported components,
• a full range of construction and reconstruction of refrigeration systems,
• quality installation and commissioning for the equipment,
• warranty service,
• repair services for equipment of different manufacturers,
• etc.

вдосконалення та модернізація встановленого обладнання


We carry out installation and commissioning works for a range of processes:

• Cooling,
• cooling liquid,
• cooling drinks, beer, milk, juice,
• conditioning,
• heat,
• heating,
• water supply and sewerage,
• ventilation,
• electricity and electrical equipment,
• integrated automation and programming,
• conditioning,
• aspiration,
• etc.

монтажні і пусконалагоджувальні роботи

Company KOMFORTHOLOD offers as complete solutions as well as certain types of works and equipment.