Company KOMFORTHOLOD develops and designs a full air-conditioning system, cooling, ventilation, etc. as well as individual objects and refrigeration equipment.
Very often the object represents a complex engineering structure with high power consumption. For this stage of design work we have been creating the most optimal scheme of energy on the basis of technical and economic indicators.

Great experience and a list of implemented objects allow us to develop and apply their own energy-saving technologies in designing new and upgrading existing systems.

The task for selection of cooling systems, ventilation or other must be solved on the basis of the feasibility of comparative analysis of several options. This facility should meet the basic requirements: sanitary, architectural and construction, fire, economic and system reliability.
For an object needs to develop some policy systems, based on various types of equipment and carry out their comparative assessment.
You can develop a comprehensive design solutions and separate sections of project documentation.
We design the control system from a central console, or if necessary - with the ability to adjust the parameters independently and provide separate modes of operation of equipment to groups of premises.

We are in particular to develop software for the management of energy-efficient process technology based on controller CAREL.

системи охолодження, вентиляції

Our company is sufficiently experienced in design engineering and technological systems and facilities for various purposes:

Design of engineering networks and systems:

• ventilation;
• heating;
• cooling;
• water supply and sewerage;
• automation.

Design, technology and construction engineering:

• registration permits;
• development of investment intentions and feasibility studies;
• receiving and processing initial data for design;
• technical assistance projects;
• facility operation during the warranty period;
• putting into operation.

Проектний, технологічний і будівельний інжиніринг

We are ready to develop problem solving cooling, process cooling and air conditioning, automation of technological processes of production, aspiration and other issues.