Our company is ready to deliver the full range of equipment needed to provide enterprises with modern high-tech cooling systems, air conditioning and ventilation.
In designing and installation of any facility it is necessary to develop a policy options based systems of various types of equipment and carry out their comparative evaluation.
When choosing equipment users must first benefit in the quality, reliability and capabilities of the equipment without overpaying for it for fame Brands. On the other hand should not economize on equipment, because the result would be a drop in consumer properties of the equipment, increase maintenance costs, significant costs on the adaptation of an already installed system.

Wide range of sizes and configurations allows you to easily pick up the necessary equipment to meet specific project objectives. What can fit into any placement and provide the necessary level of comfort.
To our customers we offer equipment from leading world producers: climaveneta, copeland, bitzer, termokey, uniflair, mc quay, frigomilk, fic, everest, breezair, grundfos, jacstone, geneglace, termokey, xchange, sanyo, vts, daykin, bristol, bock and many other brands.
Also, having a great experience in this scope, we are able to offer its own equipment assembly.
Quality and reliability of components is guaranteed by a single program of quality control, which covers all providers. Therefore, the quality of the final product depends primarily on organization, technology and culture for final assembly. Each object is served by professional installation teams and experienced managers and engineers.
Low overheads, organization of delivery of components elements also contribute to reduce cost.
All equipment is provided by a certificate of quality, guarantee, and after-sales service.